“After the flight I stand in line and dream to fly to the moon”

Cosmonaut Sergei Revin, who came to Ekaterinburg and met with us on Tuesday, February 10, was as from the picture: tall, handsome and with a kind smile. Speaks confidently, but when he remembers about the space, then the camera shows how the astronaut’s eyes are burning. Now Sergei Revin coached beginners and dreaming of new flight that you want to wait another year or two. This time the astronaut would like to realize his childhood dream: not just to fly around the Earth and fly straight to the moon.

Instead of a protective suit and suit for a meeting with local journalists Sergei Revin wearing a formal suit, Burgundy tie and an honorary award – the medal “Hero of the Russian Federation”.

Why Sergei Revin arrived to Ekaterinburg

In the Urals capital of Yekaterinburg invited astronaut planetarium. Here he read lectures to students. The first meeting took place on the same day as us.

– The guys and always wondered about space and the ISS: they usually ask us about how the station flies, how lives. I’ve always wondered – said Sergey Revin.

Than Sergei Revin worked in the space

We are engaged in research, observing systems, which operate at the station (talking about the International space station – approx. ed.). I wasn’t about to go otkrytiyami. If the astronauts who went into space, something happened and they couldn’t go back, I’d moved to the ship, flew up to him, took them, again moved into the module and thus would have saved them, – said the astronaut.

About space tourists

– I started training before the start was 16 years old. We were a bit unlucky. Unfortunately, in the late 90’s – early 00’s, when there were space tourists, our seats were selling to them. Practice is not very good, God forbid, so now it’s repeated again – said the astronaut.

According to Sergei Revina, against space travelers he has nothing, but he is against poor organization. It is important that those shows didn’t prevent to work to the professionals.

What do the astronauts, when not flying into space

– In space we fly not as often as I would like. We also have some endless queues. Now after the flight I’m standing in line and going through training. We have trainers in the control of the spacecraft. A couple of times a week I work on the simulator, read the theory, because some details are forgotten. Now we share our knowledge with those guys who did not fly. Let’s say I give some newbie and I’m with him “flying” in the simulator or ship simulator station, said Sergey Revin.

That astronauts take into space

At a time when Sergei Revin prepared for the flight, he was fascinated with the culture of Australia, so the flight took a map of that country, a book about her and a little kangaroo.

Astronaut about how important it is to have a dream

According to Sergei Revina, space is still interesting to the guys, and it can help them to form a worldview. He since the childhood dreamed to become an astronaut.

I always this was going on, read a lot, tried to communicate with scientists, astronauts. I was born and lived in Moscow, so I must have had more opportunities to visit the technical Museum, which was made by the astronauts, – said Sergey Revin.

And then the astronaut noted that such meetings with the younger generation can help young people to build their own dream. And not at all important, and they will want to become astronauts or not.

– 30 years ago it was easier to form. We could invent a dream. Now this possibility too, but not everyone probably suspects we need to invent a dream. We try to tell the guys that. They do not need to become astronauts, but if they will invent a noble and interesting dream, you’ll reach for this and be exciting stages in my life – shared with OUR astronaut.

In addition to meeting with the younger generation cosmonaut will take part in the project of the Yekaterinburg planetarium “Tribune scientist”, which will take place on Wednesday at 19:30.

OUR reference

Sergei Revin was born on 12 January 1966 in Moscow. He flew into space once, but spent the entire 125 days 00 hours and 50 minutes. The crew started with him on may 15, 2012 and landed on September 17, 2012. He flew as flight engineer of “Soyuz TMA-04M”, and the ISS program 31 and 32 of the main expeditions. The ship “Union TMA-04M” to the ISS and docked on may 17 08.38 Moscow time.

Sergei Revina two honorary titles: Hero of the Russian Federation and Pilot-cosmonaut of the Russian Federation. Their was given to him for courage and heroism he had shown during the prolonged space flight on the ISS.

Cosmonaut Sergei Revin in Yekaterinburg

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