Colonization of Mars by man


Description: the Information group devoted to the project Mars One – the establishment of a colony on Mars by 2025, as well as other topics related to space colonization and the expansion of humanity.

The project plan:

2013 – the selection of astronauts launched globally.

Official news from Mars One!

Greetings, dear followers of the Mars One!

I hope the year has started well! We got the exciting opportunity: do you want to lend their active support to our chelovecheskoi mission to Mars? Then this is for you! Currently we have several projects that you can attract volonterov. If you are willing to give of their time and talents for the benefit of our Mars Show…

mission – please participate in our voluntary survey!

Last year we successfully worked with several volunteer writers and translators, with enthusiasts in the field of interpretation and fundraising, editing and design,

and many others. etc.

We want poblagodarite volunteers who have helped us so far. This mission is not to overpower alone, and we appreciate all the help that we received!

Visualization of life on Mars

Have you ever tried to imagine life on Mars? Brian Versteeg, conceptual artist for the project, did it. His illustrations Mars One founded on a thorough understanding of functional requirements and human needs. In a recent article Brian explains some

the processes used to develop the visualization of the Mars One settlement.

Presentation Mars One

We have many exciting presentations with speakers Mars One.

Some recent and upcoming events:

January 27: lecture by Gerard ‘t Hooft on the subject of the colonization of Mars and other high-tech projects in Singapore, organized by the Embassy of the Netherlands.

January 27: part of the Bass Lansdorp in the event Inman, in new York.

February 5: lecture by Bass Lansdorp at the International Institute of air and space law (International Institute of Air and Space Law), Leiden University, the Netherlands.

March 10th: presentation at the event Sprekers Security BootCamp in Bildrechte, the Netherlands.

Add your location in the settings of the subscription to receive timely notification of planned activities Mars One in your area.

The food for the Martian colonists:

Vigero Wamelink, leading ecologist Alterra, the author of “Food for Mars” on our portal, have managed to successfully grow tomatoes on the ground, simulating Martian soil! As this topic

very popular, Weger invites you to ask questions.

Support our mission:

Soon we will launch a new collection of items from our online store!

As usual, coffee mugs awarded to two randomly selected patrons of the project. Lucky month: Michael A.(USA) and Shiyang F. (USA). Congratulations!

Thank you for your support, we appreciate it!

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