Flight to Mars

NASA begins screening astronauts for Mars mission

The U.S. national Directorate of Aeronautics and space research (NASA) announced the launch of the program for the selection of astronauts in preparation for a manned mission to Mars.

The names of the astronauts will be announced in mid-2017. However, selected do not immediately fly to Mars, and will to participate in the testing of manned spacecraft Orion developed for Mars mission, which will take place no earlier than 2020.

While not everyone will be able to qualify for participation in the project. Mars offered to fly U.S. citizens with education below the bachelor’s degree in engineering, biology, physics or mathematics. Candidates must also have at least three years of experience in the profession or to provide evidence of at least a thousand flight hours as commander on a jet plane.

In addition, candidates will undergo testing at NASA physical endurance and tolerance to long-duration missions, the report says.

On the creation of the ship Orion, which is expected to send to Mars, a Lockheed Martin company. Megacelebrity spacecraft developed since the middle of 2000-ies in the framework of the program “Constellation”. The purpose of the program was to return Americans to the moon, and the ship was intended to deliver people and cargo to the International space station (ISS) and missions to the moon and Mars.

The first unmanned test flight of Orion took place on December 5 2014, use the launch vehicle Delta IV Heavy.

Mars manned vessel developed by Boeing will deliver super-heavy rocket SLS (Space Launch System). The missile will have a length of more than 100 meters and a mass of about 3000 tons with a 130 ton payload. Her first test is scheduled for 2017, and the first test flight in 2018.

The Mars mission in NASA is planning to implement in 2030-ies. According to preliminary calculations, it will take about 1100 days. It is assumed that the surface of the red planet will launch the device weighing about 10 tons. And the planned return of astronauts to Earth.

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