Memorial Museum of cosmonautics

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The idea of creating a Museum that was dedicated to aerospace, belongs to the outstanding designer Sergei Pavlovich Korolev. The Museum features personal belongings of astronauts and engineers, models of rocket and space technology, many archival documents.

The total area of the Museum complex opened in the early eighties of the last century, was more than three thousand meters, the exhibition hall was located on eight hundred square metres.

First, in the space Museum was presented one hundred and six exhibits, twenty of which were space technology.

In 2006, the Museum and the adjacent area was closed for renovation. The result of this work, the usable area of the facility has been increased significantly.

In April 2009, residents and guests of Moscow was presented a new exposition of the Memorial Museum of Astronautics, and the exhibition area amounted to more than four thousand square meters. After reconstruction the Museum was expanded the veterans club space, conference room, library,devoted to the space theme, and also cozy cafes.

Visitors are given the opportunity to see interesting films about space and its conquerors in the renovated cinema hall. The modern Museum exposition you can see the full-size model of one of the fragments of the Mir station, as well as the model of the first satellite.

Not less interesting for tourists living capsule and the first dog launched into outer space, and also the stuffed Squirrel and the Arrow.

The Museum is a miniature mission control Center, which can be seen in real-time International space station and in the Museum lobby, visitors can even buy tubes of “space” food.

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