NASA has selected astronauts

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Space Agency NASA announced the names of the first astronauts who go into space aboard commercial spacecraft of the first generation and after the mission back to Earth. The selection of the suitable candidates officially complete and it is time for the program of intensive training and preparations for the launch of spacecraft CST-100 at Boeing in 2017.

NASA links with companies such as SpaceX and Boeing, the program Commercial Crew Program, which aims to subsidise innovative solutions in the new generation of advanced spacecraft, whose task will be to deprive the Russian monopoly on manned space flight aboard the spacecraft “Soyuz”.

The long term, this approach has two goals: to make access to low earth orbit more accessible; and to ensure the independence of the American side from other countries in the aerospace field.

Both spacecraft Boeing CST-100 and Crew Dragon company SpaceX — has come a long and difficult path to storyutilities all the strict requirements (including requirements for safety standards) American space Agency. As the recent success stories of companies, you can note the successful testing of the system failure launch (Launch Abort System) of the apparatus Crew of Dragon and the selection of Boeing as the first commercial organization, which will make the first commercial manned space flight.

For the flight on Board the spacecraft CST-100 Boeing were selected four experienced astronauts:

Robert Bubukin. Previously participated in space Shuttle missions STS-123 and STS-130 and spent a total of 29 days in space, including 37 hours he was in the open space;

Eric Fight. He was a member of the crew of the space Shuttle “endeavour” mission STS-123, as well as the discovery during the mission STS-133, making a total of 28 days in space;

Douglas Hurley. He served as a pilot in the space missions STS-127 Shuttle endeavour and STS-135 “Atlantis”, after being on orbit for 28 days;

Sunita Williams. Currently holds the record of being in outer space women-astronauts. In total, spent outside vehicle 50 hours and 40 minutes. Williams was a member of the crew of the ISS in the framework of the 14/15 th and 32/33 th expeditions, spending a total of 322 in the space of a day.

All these astronauts will soon begin intensive training with NASA and its commercial partners for a better understanding of the control of commercial space vehicles of new generation.

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