Space flight to the ISS

Space is what surrounds us far beyond planet Earth. In this small, thought the word so many mysterious and the unknown, what people have failed so far to understand. That is why the theme of the Universe (also called space) is so popular today. People don’t appreciate the opportunity to look daily at the magnificent beauty of the sky and stars, because not everyone knows about what is happening away from our eyes. Those who are still concerned about the cosmic Universe, pay dizzying sums of money for space flight. To look at the Earth from the height of the spacecraft, or to look at the bright flame of the stars of the Sun some people would pay from their pockets is really a lot of money, so no wonder why flights into space have become so popular. In this regard, entrepreneurial company several times a year organize cosmocore. One of the main reasons why “travellers” tend to visit the unknown spaces, in spite of serious physical training, is to get a lot of impressions and emotions. The longest space mission lasts up to 10 days, during which tourists arrive at the International Space Station. An interesting fact is that the path to the ISS lasts 2 times longer than back – all blagodarnyy of attraction of the Earth. To take a tour in space is still a difficult task for professionals but in a short time to humanity and it will be.

To get off the Ground and lifted up their galaxy may every inhabitant on this planet who is willing to undergo serious physical training, and, of course, to part with a certain amount of money. To departure do not require a visa or passport for more. But one who resides in the territory of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to legalize papers to arrive to the launch site, the Baikonur cosmodrome near Kazakhstan. The Russians are much more fortunate as visas, passports and stuff they need.

Before to ascend to a space ship, must undergo a kind of customs. Take-way is prohibited almost everything, including clothing (there will be issued the special outfits). Unless of course, there’s the thing where you are still not ready to give up for a long time, it will be sent to the Commission, which must approve her presence on Board a spaceship.

On arrival at the ISS to each of the tourists can be given the module, the so-called room in the hotel where you can enjoy being in the space. Naturally, the rooms in the hotel are not like we used to see in everyday life, and the conditions tougher, too, but agree it’s worth it.

What is a trip without Souvenirs. On return home, will naturally want to brag to your friends and show them a part of cosmic life that you lived. Minipalace food, hygiene products, attributes, clothing, and even the Pictures on the background of outer space – all of this you can take home with them.

Alas, not all for one reason or another, may afford such a pleasure to see a comic Universe. That though as-that to compensate a dream, people can enjoy live broadcast online space through Internet or enjoy realistic 3D graphics in a different space online games .

Constant scientific research and expeditions to space have made this vast world closer to the man, and life more fun and interesting. We offer you to make your life more brighter, starting to play in space online game Xcraft. Here you will be able to move around the space in real time, to develop your planet, robbing strangers and fight with space enemies.

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