Space price war between Russia and SpaceX

American capitalism against Russian capitalism

Recent actions taken by Congress to limit the use of Russian rocket engines in order to ensure national security, has made a real revolution in the American commercial space research programme. Private companies, such as “SpaceX and Blue Origin and Aerojet Rocketdyne” we intend to introduce a NASA rocket engines of domestic production.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has abolished Russian Federal space Agency, replacing “Roscosmos” new Corporation “will be to independently develop new spaceships and implement new projects.”

However, those who thought that the Russian space industry was held the victory of capitalism, is fundamentally wrong. Unlike the company “SpaceX”, which is a fully private enterprise, updated and modernized “Roscosmos” will be one hundred percent owned by the Russian state.

Video . USA: new rocket engine BE-4 cannot replace the Russian RD-180

The establishment of full control over the space programme is, with toccatina Putin, way to control expenses and prevent corruption. The most famous of such cases was the scandal of 2014, when certain persons in the leadership of Roskosmos appropriated or squandered a huge amount, over $ 1.8 billion. However, as a result of the restructuring to the weakening of the Russian space research, hopes Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, is still unknown.

Whose services are cheaper

Thus, we consider and compare some figures. “SpaceX” publishes the cost of launching rockets directly on the main page : 61,2 million dollars for the launch of a conventional launch vehicle “Falcon-9” and 90 million for the launch of a new model “Falcon Heavy”.

At the same time, the company ULA (a joint venture of Boeing and Lockheed Martin) are virtually unable to offer the competitive price. Once, commenting on the price tag is often referred to as “400 million”, which ULA put out one of his spins, the President of “SpaceX” Gwynn Shotwell once quipped: “I don’t understand how you can build a rocket for $ 400 million… It’s a secret for me how ULA manages to be so expensive”.

However, the rest of the competitors “SpaceX” are mostly “in the same boat”, and ULA. Last year during hearings in the Congress on the theme of the cost of space flight, Congressman from California Loretta Sanchez spoke about his conversation with the French “Arianespace” a few years ago: “They told me that their start-up costs amount to about $ 200 million equivalent. They said that ULA does not bother them, however, could I get rid of the “SpaceX”? Because they sought to throw out “SpaceX” out of business!”

Will the “SpaceX” to oust Russia from the space business?

By the way, Chinese officials in a recent interview to the weekly “Aviation Week” also complained that the published rates are too low.” So low that even when the price of rocket Chinese production of “Long March” in 70 thousand dollars, “they are not able to compete with the American company”.

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