Space tourists

Space tourist Simonyi finished, Abramovich is prepared

In the night of Sunday, April 22, at the Moscow airport “Chkalovsky” landed the plane of the Russian air force, on Board of which there were three astronauts Mikhail Tyurin (Russia), Michael Lopez-alegria (USA) and the American millionaire of Hungarian origin Charles Simoni, who had been in orbit as a space tourist.

– “Abramovich on the moon”

Tyurin and Lopez-alegria set a record for the crews of the International Space Center – they worked in orbit for 215 days. Simonyi enjoyed the weightless standard for “tourist” for two weeks.

The head of Department of piloted programs of Federal space Agency (Roskosmos) Alexei Krasnov said that Simonyi in orbit worked fine. “We are gradually getting used to non-professional astronauts. They are all great personalities, he said. – It’s great when you can realize your dream”.

Previously in space as “tourists” visited the American of Iranian origin, Anusha Ansari. It was reported that in the queue for a flight on a Soyuz spacecraft mission to visit the ISS are already Japanese, Malay and Korean.

“Abramovich on the moon”

Last week the British newspaper the Sun reported that Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is going to spend a holiday in space and sovershaemye to the moon.

The journey on the spaceship “Soyuz” with a length of 500 thousand miles will cost the Governor of Chukotka and owner of Chelsea FC 150 million pounds. Money’s no object for Roman Abramovich, whose fortune Forbes magazine estimates at 19.2 billion dollars, noted the British edition.

Legendary Soviet cosmonaut Alexey Leonov said: “I talked to him about this flight. He’s very interested. I’m sure it will fly”. Alexey Leonov in 1965 became the first man who made a spacewalk.

At the moment, have walked on the moon only 12 people. It is not clear when will be the next mission to the natural satellite of the Earth.

Surrounded by Roman Abramovich, has not commented on the rumors about his possible space travel.

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