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On the territory of the Moscow Museum of cosmonautics, ENEA and the House-Museum of S. P. Korolev hosted the annual Space marathon. In its framework, anyone can visit the first Russian festival of documentary films about space Space Docfest-2015, to participate in the Olympics and take the quest called “Space flight”. I managed to go on a Space marathon the second day, April 11.

In anticipation of two celebrations of the cosmonautics Day and Easter is in spring Sunny day I went on a marathon Space in the Museum space. And when I walked into the Museum, we did not expect to see so many people! Had a lot of people, so I sometimes find it difficult pushed to the exhibits.

And how many kids! And I even felt uncomfortable. They are such a wild curiosity studied satellites, spacesuits, and each of them wanted to be in the capsule of Valentina Tereshkova. And immediately remembered himself at the same age, dreaming of flying into space. And going to the window, where behind the glass was floating figure in space suit later, and looked more closely, suddenly in place of his face I saw the reflection of his. With a little sadness remembered that I never realized my childhood dream. But there is the opportunity to touch her.

Special attention by the viewer to themselves chained the first Russian festival of documentary films about space Space Docfest-2015. April 11 was the second day of this festival, and I managed to get on the program of special screenings of children’s animated documentary films. And how even told a Russian TV journalist and a documentary filmmaker specializing in aviation and cosmonautics, Alex Planes, the films are not primarily about space, but about people-the heroes were equal to the youth that returned the good old, almost vanished childhood dream — to fly into space!

Olga Nizovtseva, the organizer of the marathon Space:

– Today we have to popularize space exploration, we need to have young people going to technical College, so that we have more literate in the country, in-demand engineers. That the pupils understood how it’s relevant and prestigious profession. And this festival is a very good way to awaken the desire in the youth to elect the cosmic path!

Dmitry Shishkin, Director of the Department of public relations of United rocket and space corporations:

– For Moscow, as for the “space” of our country, it is very important what is happening now in the framework of this event. It again allows you to update the profession of journalism. In addition, today’s Space marathon, I’m sure, will cause a surge of interest among young people to space exploration.

Our primary task is to develop the concept of the spread of interest in the space industry in Moscow. Such events provide a good “starting” point. But can say for sure that interest in space exploration among citizens today is growing rapidly. And it’s not good.

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