The father of cosmonautics and Builder of airships

5 unknown facts from the life of Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky

On September 19, 1935 in Kaluga passed away the great Russian inventor Konstantin Tsiolkovsky . Exactly one year later there was opened house-Museum of scientist-taught and a pioneer of cosmonautics, whose life with her careful study expands like the universe.

1. Opponent of Einstein, an admirer of Lenin

However, the Tsiolkovsky-the theory of expansion of the universe was denied, as he denied the theory of relativity . Konstantin Eduardovich did not agree with Einstein that the universe is limited in size to two hundred million light years. According to Tsiolkovsky, the claim is as absurd as to assert that in the cross section of the universe equals one millimeter.

Tsiolkovsky was arguing with Shakespeare . didn’t agree with Newton . It is incredibly respected Lenin . placing him above Alexander the great . After all, what did the Macedonian in the view of Tsiolkovsky? Gathered a large army and marched to conquer foreign lands. Shed huge amount of blood. The same can be said of other famous soldiers. Such grandeur Konstantin Eduardovich called imaginary. Ilyich was higher because the first in history to overthrow the unjust order in the vast territory of the globe.

However, it is possible that such a high opinion of the leader of world proletariat, the father of cosmonautics was because in 1921, Lenin signed a document on the establishment of the Tsiolkovsky increased and lifetime pension. It is also known that in 1919 Konstantin Eduardovich was arrested and taken to the Lubyanka, where he was interrogated for several weeks, then released. Say that he applied to some high-ranking person.

2. Second discovery of the theory of gases

Since childhood, Tsiolkovsky his hearing. At nine years old he caught a cold and had scarlet fever, complications of which led to hearing loss. Studies in high school has become almost impossible, the boy almost didn’t hear what was said of his teacher. According to his confession, he heard only indistinct sounds.

Difficult to communicate with their peers, because Kostya most of the time spent at home, where he adapted tinkering. He produced houses, clocks with weights, skates etc In the second grade left him in the second year, and third for academic failure and pranks Tsiolkovsky had been expelled, and he never studied. By that time he already had at home a lathe, Constantine made the astrolabe, was fascinated by magic tricks and models of Aer

When Tsiolkovsky was 16 years old, his father sent his son to the capital for entering Higher technical school, which later became the MSTU. Bauman. But Constantine lost a letter of recommendation, the school did not go, however, and did not return home. The father sent 15 rubles a month. 90 cents Tsiolkovsky spent on bread, the rest bought books and everything he needed for experiments.

The young man self-taught in mathematics, physics and chemistry, read thick journals. However, self-education had a negative side. So, the young Tsiolkovsky wrote a paper “Theory of gases”, reaching only their mind. But Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev upset the self-taught, saying in a letter that the kinetic theory of gases was opened 25 years ago.

3. Turbid zero

One of the first scientific works of Tsiolkovsky, devoted to the mathematical approach to biology, called “Graphic thrills”. To publish it failed, the manuscript was lost. After a few years the main idea of the scientist presented in the “Nirvana”. In it Konstantin Eduardovich expressed confidence that the sum received over the life of positive emotions equals the sum of the negative. And because the actual life is only a “turbid zero”.

Each corresponds to a pleasant feeling unpleasant. And the stronger one, the stronger more. Because, for example, the pleasure of eating to a much greater extent gets hungry people than well-fed. This Tsiolkovsky concluded that all people and other living beings receive the same number of positive and negative feelings. That is, as a result, all get zero.

The most happy person in your childhood that makes many wonderful discoveries, in old age, on the contrary, much it starts to weigh, including life itself, that is why there are cases of suicides…

In the scientific community are of the opinion that this work, Tsiolkovsky predicted the trouble in his own family. Immediately his two sons over the years have committed suicide. Ignat was 19 years old, Alexander — 38.

4. Walking on the moon “against the nursery”

Thirty years old Tsiolkovsky wrote the novel “On the moon”, which refers to the adventures of two scientists, suddenly waking up in a house on the surface of Earth’s satellite. About the literary merits of this opus. For some reason colleagues do not care about how they ended up on the moon. Them more is the fact that the Sun here looks the same as from Earth, and why slowly poured the liquid.

With the help of these works, as well as scientific works such as “the lethal Device apparatus of birds and insects” or “Metal bag, of changing volume and shape”, Tsiolkovsky collecting funds for their inventions. For example, the treatise “Nirvana” was applied drawing the metal of the airship. And a PostScript:

“All efforts to get money for the airship while in what have not resulted. Can I to help themselves, making at the same time useful? Will issue a small scientific essays and fantasies. Help me to distribute and sell them!”

Living in Kaluga Tsiolkovsky invited everyone to look at his model on Wednesdays at six in the evening.

5. Freak on a sled with a sail

Twelve years Tsiolkovsky lived in Borovsk, Kaluga province. And gained fame as the chief oddball, which is not surprising. Who else would skate on the frozen river, using the umbrella-sail? Later will made wonder a sled with a sail like that would frighten the townspeople and horses. After the inventor has carried the curse, but his deafness he didn’t hear them.

Konstantin Eduardovich could catch for zapuskaniem kites. One day he produced a paper hawk, who was taken for the present.

Finally, Tsiolkovsky never participated in collective feasts and drinking parties. For this borovichene suspected scientist God knows what, even in sympathy for the revolutionaries, and scribbled on it denunciations about the unreliability.

All can understand and forgive our people, but not out of glasses…

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