The first space tourist, rich space tourists

The first space tourists

Man’s flight into space on a commercial basis, both in entertainment and in scientific research, is called space tourism. Currently this game can afford only very rich people of our planet. And if the cost of the first space travel averaged 20-30 million dollars, starting from 2007, the amount increased to 35-40 million dollars.

At the moment all the tourists who flew into space, conducted on the International space station in Russia. The organization of such flights that have occurred on the spacecraft “Soyuz” with the ISS, engaged Roscosmos and its sister company Space Adventures.

Rich space tourists, and there have been 7 people were citizens of foreign States. The first non-professional astronaut, flew in 2001, was an American Dennis Tito. A 60-year-old businessman-a multimillionaire, after preliminary preparation in a specialized center of the Russian Star city, spent together with the crew on orbit for 6 days and circled around the Earth more than 100 times. The second paid tourist, managed to make the ISS a few experiments, became 27-the summer inhabitant of South Africa – mark Shuttleworth. His childhood dream juzhnoafrikanskimi the Mogul could realize in 2002.

In 2005, flew into space as early grounded as to the health of U.S. citizen Gregory Olsen. American millionaire, which celebrated its 60th anniversary, after repeated pre-flight training, passed all the tests. First space female tourist, and they became 40-the summer native of Iran living in the United States – Anusha Ansari, flew in 2006.

As a nonprofessional astronaut, twice to go into space, was the American Charles Simonyi. Fifth space tourist flew to the ISS in 2007 and 2009, and as a physicist was in orbit for several experiments. In 2008, the flight undertook the 47-year-old son of an American astronaut, who earned his fortune writing computer games, Richard Garriott.

Last flight into space took place in 2009 and implemented his 50-year-old canadian guy Laliberte. All space tourists before the flight was not only full medical examination, but also special training. Currently Roscosmos has suspended sending unprofessional crew members into space.

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