To the moon with God’s help!

Chapter 1: Flights in dreams and in reality

Chapter 2: Children of captain Vrungel

Chapter 3: God help you

Chapter 4: blue brook

Chapter 5: something Else on the same topic

Chapter 1 – Flights in dreams and in reality!

Instead of an epigraph:

A. Anisimov: I Have a question. Do You think the Americans landed on the moon, there is a version of that.

Vladimir Putin: I know that. Nonsense, it’s impossible! After all, complete nonsense. To falsify such an event impossible.

(The meeting of Vladimir Putin with participants of the youth forum “Seliger 2011”)

Here is there is a common misconception that for Americans to falsify the flight to the moon was as difficult as to perform this flight. In this article, I prove the groundlessness of such approval. So all those who will have patience and read it to the end, will say, “Yes, indeed, for that would in December 1968, to perform a manned flight to the moon and safely return the crew to earth, the U.S. has not had any technical capabilities, but in order to falsify it – there were no problems.

In order to get closer to the truth, first find out who can be called the first American cosmonaut (not astronaut).

According to the classification of Military-Air forces of the United States (USAF) astronomicals people who flew, the height of which exceeds 50 miles (80 km 467 m) In the Soviet Union, space flight orbital flight was called at which the spacecraft must make at least one revolution around the earth – that is, move at least with the first cosmic velocity (7.9 km/h).

Neither Alan Shepard nor Virgil Grissom for this role is not suitable, because mercury 3 (may 5 1961), mercury 4 (21 June 1961) made a suborbital flight duration (takeoff and landing)- 15 minutes, a speed of about 2 km/sec. Officially, the first orbital (space) flight was performed by John Glenn on 20 February 1962 (mercury 6). But in this matter I have very serious doubts. So now we will make a digression and examine the extent to which suborbital flight is different from space. This is very important.

During suborbital flight spacecraft (capsule) trajectory is ballistic, that is essentially as a shell fired from a gun. This unmanaged flight, the landing (or splashdown) is defined at startup and cannot be changed during the flight. The time during which the pilot experiences artificial (dynamic) weightlessness, lasts only a few minutes.

Space flight lasts from half an hour up to many days, during which time on Board the spacecraft conducted numerous scientific experiments. The spacecraft can maneuver in orbit, to perform docking with other spacecraft, etc. All this is done to prepare for long-term interplanetary travel. Suborbital flight (man on Board). unlike space, does not have any significant impact on science and therefore in the USSR and later in China, it was decided not to waste time and money to perform such flights (with the exception of suborbital flights on gliders, but it has no relation to the question before us).

Thus, the difference between suborbital and space flights is the same as between the flights of flying fish and birds. No one would call flying fish of a bird on the ground that it, having dispersed in water, emerges and flies a few dozen meters before returning plyuhnetsya into the water.

In the Soviet Union to the launching of rockets for geophysical research started since may 1948, and from July 1951 began the launch into space of animals. The term “suborbital flight” the Americans invented much later, and then they were called “flying in the stratosphere”. Up to June 1960 was made 29 flights. 7 of them failed. Dogs were killed for two reasons – the parachute didn’t open and the cabin depressurization. The record flight was on August 27, 1958 had reached a height of 453 km, the residence time of animals in weightlessness – 10 minutes, and the weight of the lander – 1581 kg. Thus, almost three years before the first flights of the capsules “mercury” their technical parameters have been greatly exceeded. In the U.S. animal to fly in the stratosphere broke before (in June 1948), but they have long been plagued with failures, all the monkeys died. The first successful flight was made on may 21, 1952

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