Space price war between Russia and SpaceX

American capitalism against Russian capitalism

Recent actions taken by Congress to limit the use of Russian rocket engines in order to ensure national security, has made a real revolution in the American commercial space research programme. Private companies, such as “SpaceX and Blue Origin and Aerojet Rocketdyne” we intend to introduce a NASA rocket engines of domestic production.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has abolished Russian Federal space Agency, replacing “Roscosmos” new Corporation “will be to independently develop new spaceships and implement new projects.”

However, those who thought that the Russian space industry was held the victory of capitalism, is fundamentally wrong. Unlike the company “SpaceX”, which is a fully private enterprise, updated and modernized “Roscosmos” will be one hundred percent owned by the Russian state.

Video . USA: new rocket engine BE-4 cannot replace the Russian RD-180

The establishment of full control over the space programme is, with toccatina Putin, way to control expenses and prevent corruption. Continue reading

“After the flight I stand in line and dream to fly to the moon”

Cosmonaut Sergei Revin, who came to Ekaterinburg and met with us on Tuesday, February 10, was as from the picture: tall, handsome and with a kind smile. Speaks confidently, but when he remembers about the space, then the camera shows how the astronaut’s eyes are burning. Now Sergei Revin coached beginners and dreaming of new flight that you want to wait another year or two. This time the astronaut would like to realize his childhood dream: not just to fly around the Earth and fly straight to the moon.

Instead of a protective suit and suit for a meeting with local journalists Sergei Revin wearing a formal suit, Burgundy tie and an honorary award – the medal “Hero of the Russian Federation”.

Why Sergei Revin arrived to Ekaterinburg

In the Urals capital of Yekaterinburg invited astronaut planetarium. Here he read lectures to students. The first meeting took place on the same day as us. Continue reading

Big Universe

Comet Lovejoy C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy in a winter sky

The new year gave the Amateur astronomers living in the Northern hemisphere, a remarkable gift — a bright comet Lovejoy.

Gorgeous comet Lovejoy is flying through the constellations of the winter sky by Orion for the mythical river Eridanus to Taurus and then — to the Andromeda. By the end of the first week of the new, 2015, year, its brightness has reached 4.5 m and growing. The middle and the second half of January will be the most favorable time to observe the comet.

A giant mosaic of comet C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy received on December 28, 2014 the Herald Ramanna in Namibia. The tail of a comet observed at 7 or 14 degrees apparent size of the moon in our sky!

Three images of comet C/2014 Q2, obtained by Terry Lovejoy on opening day August 17, 2014. The comet looks faint in the pictures blurred speck 15-th magnitude. Should be, at this point, the author of the opening hardly expected that within four months the comet will increase its brightness 10,000 times. Continue reading

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