Where presunrise American expedition

NASA had actually imposed such restrictions. They relate to two lunar stations. These are the ones where he landed the expedition: the first – “Apollo-11” and last – “Apollo-17”. The rest are places where during from 1969 to 1972 she landed another 12 earthlings.

Surely the evil skeptics make the assumption that the cunning Americans want to suppress something. For example, something like the most popular judgment is that on the moon, they never were.

Although, according to the explanation of one of the leading specialists of NASA’s Robert Kelso (Robert Kelso), the creation of such exclusion zones are aimed solely at ensuring the safety of those places, which stayed on the moon people. According to him, the time has come to ensure, since commercial space is advancing so rapidly that soon the moon will be able to zachastili tourists.

On the spot, which went to Neil Armstrong, still have a lot of different techniques, including the launcher

Of course, “space tourists” will want to see the places visited before that of their predecessors – a real American astronauts. Where Neil Armstrong jumped from the steps of the “eagle” and made the lunar dust the first step – “onegiant leap for mankind”. By the way, he was saved. Of course, not a step, and the first track of the first man on the moon.

Kelso then says: “We left behind apart from the traces of many artifacts. From scientific instruments, cameras and flags to unomobile and containers with faeces and urine”.

Well the Americans hesitated on the place of lunar landing of “Apollo-12”. He, in turn, managed to spoil another historical picture

Lunar tourists can destroy the tracks, to ruin your technique, something to take with them – in short, they can seriously ruin a “historical picture”. And NASA would like it for future generations save.

The most real threat to the landings places of the Agency experts consider the project “Google Lunar X Prize”. Its participants – and they abound already – promised $ 30 million. This impressive prize will be awarded for the first successful delivery to the lunar surface functioning robot.

Kelso believes that the threat is not so much the robots, much of the jet from the jet engines of the ships on which they are delivered.

Once “Apollo-12”, which was prisonersa just 150 metres from auto station “Surveyor 3”, greatly spoiled the technique and the terrain, picking up with small stones and dust. NASA does not want this has already happened in some places with the moon landing “Apollo”.

Most zaslezhennogo the landing site “Apollo-17”. It is photographed from height of 30 kilometers. Symbols marked LRV moon car, which drove the Americans

As a consequence, the US space Agency shall impose the following prohibitions for tourist and other commercial voyages to the moon: over the moon landing “Apollo 11 and 17” all flights are prohibited. Also forbidden are considered to be an area of 1,200 acres is approximately 5 square kilometres.

If anyone ever going to walk on the moon, to approach closer than 82 yards (75 metres approx) to all areas of planting are also prohibited.

While still unknown, who will keep order. By that time, perhaps, when you begin to drive on the moon trips, there will be guards. And maybe even wipers.

And still… Explain the American space Agency is – as always, by the way, not devoid of sense and logic – leaving still a certain bad osadochek: unusual shape the Agency’s initiative, as something very very wrong time. Probably and actually, behind all this is quite different?

First lunar footprint of a man, apparently, it has printed so far. And for a long time will not disappear. Most likely, for a long time. Of course, if it is not damaged.

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